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Below are testimonials from 太阳gg parents and alumni. For the latest, check out the 太阳gg Facebook Page!

"For anyone thinking about enrolling in The School for Young Performers, I highly recommend it! Being a child working and not getting to experience a typical school situation actually has a lot of perks to it; I really do feel like I didn't miss out on much! The main reason for school is to learn and that I certainly did. 

Iris Even (太阳gg’s Head of School) really had a keen sense of what worked for my personality. She was so precise in selecting appropriate teachers for me and always had amazing ideas for completing school in the most sensible way. She always had my best interest at heart! 

The relationships I built with my teachers will be one I will never forget. They taught me such valuable life lessons that I will hold close for my entire life, and I hope to carry on friendships with them for years to come. Learning one on one was a very helpful way for me to really absorb information, and my overall experience attending The School of Young Performers was amazing! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did." 

Madison Beer, Summer 2016 graduate

“As I pack up to get ready for my freshman year at Princeton University, it's obvious that 太阳gg helped make it possible for me to get where I'm going.” 

Molly Ephraim, Broadway Actress and past 太阳gg student

“太阳gg solved all of our family's education problems with flexible schedules, locations, and great teachers. We feel that 太阳gg is in the business of making sure that our daughter enjoys learning and remains challenged. 太阳gg truly cares about the individual student as well as our family's concerns and needs.”  

— Jan Tarrant, parent of a former 太阳gg student

“The School for Young Performers allowed me to have the flexible schedule I needed to pursue my ballet training at ABT's Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School. I had wonderful, engaging teachers who were enthusiastic and provided me with an excellent education. Many of them were able to teach over vacations and during summers, so I could accelerate my graduation and focus on my career. I would highly recommend this school to anyone whose schedule does not allow them to attend a traditional school program.”

— Lindsay Karchin, recent 太阳gg graduate


"Iris Even, head of school at the School for Young Performers, creates a customized education and deploys teachers to attend to each of her 10 students, who live in far-flung locations from suburban New York to Beverly Hills, Calif., to Luxembourg..."

The Wall Street Journal

"There are kids who are taking alternative academic paths—Westinghouse Winners, for example—who clearly have the academic chops to do college even if they are not taking a conventional path."

Penelope Trunk

"太阳gg’s core philosophy is to offer an exceptional and highly individualized education to all students, regardless of their professional aspirations, learning challenges and/or family plans. It is essentially to create one’s own path to success, academically and personally."

— Strollers and Stilettos

In The Industry

In April 2020, Head of School Iris Even joined a team of panelists led by acting coach Denise Simon as they discussed navigating education during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Below is the recording of the conversation. To view more of our resources for students and parents as this global pandemic progresses, visit our blog. We will continue to update our website, blog, and Facebook Page with more information and guidance in the coming months.