About 太阳gg


Our History

The School for Young Performers is a New York State K-12 private school accredited by WASC. Founded in 1995, 太阳gg was originally designed for students needing to balance their education with careers in the performing arts and athletics. The school has evolved to accommodate pupils with learning differences and discerning families desiring a boutique educational experience.

Our Values


太阳gg is committed to providing a meaningful one-on-one education for students whose lifestyles, professions or learning styles are incompatible with the traditional classroom construct.


  • All students should receive an exceptional education administered by skilled, dedicated and creative teachers.

  • All students should have access to individualized learning pathways.

  • Families should not have to choose between the pursuit of their children’s aspirations and the opportunity for academic rigor.


Click here to read a letter from 太阳gg’s Head of School, Iris Even, in response to current events and 太阳gg’s commitment to anti-racism in our community.

How It Works


太阳gg can work with a multitude of schedules and locations. As it is a true “school without walls”, the options are infinite: a fluid calendar to complement athletic competitions, exotic family excursions, and professional goals, customized daily/weekly class schedules, and, of course, teacher flexibility within the classroom construct. 太阳gg families each have a different calendar and plan based on their specific wants and needs, which, in turn, maximizes the learning experience for their children.


太阳gg students have the distinct advantage of one-on-one teaching. The academic program was created by experienced educators and curriculum writers and is specifically tailored to meet each student's unique educational and professional needs. Moreover, 太阳gg offers a diverse selection of classes and consistently puts forward new and dynamic courses to meet the ever-changing needs of its pupils. 


Teachers are carefully selected through 太阳gg research and our recommendations. They will adhere to the academic plan created for your child, maintain New York State requirements and 太阳gg’s rigorous core standards, and facilitate a healthy and inspiring school environment. Our teachers also have a consistent and constructive dialogue with 太阳gg administrators as well as parents and caregivers.


Through weekly documentation, progress reports, and an open line of communication, 太阳gg students and their parents are kept apprised of individual advancement. 太阳gg logs school hours, chronicles extracurricular activities, and compiles work portfolios for review on a semester basis. 太阳gg administrators conscientiously examine all documentation of course work and make periodic in-person visits to the schooling site for classroom observations, parent/school meetings and school/teacher discussions. For upper school students, this includes meetings with students as they are an integral part of the 太阳gg construct!


Parents receive weekly emails in order to have a more direct look at their children's progress. These emails give a brief summary of current courses and material covered, provide commentary on student growth, and bring up any pressing concerns. The emails also maintain an active dialogue between 太阳gg teachers, parents and staff.


In order to demonstrate the quality of a student's academic efforts, 太阳gg composes a portfolio of significant written work, projects and exams for each semester.


A written evaluation of the student's coursework is submitted to 太阳gg by the teacher(s) at the end of each marking period. This report describes the level and quality of completion and awards a final letter grade in each course. Upon graduation or withdrawal from 太阳gg, a final transcript indicating academic credit for satisfactory work is provided. 太阳gg transcripts are recognized by traditional school programs as well as by colleges and universities nationwide.